Hi I'm Gabriele Colombini and work in Arslogica, i have the intention to use Geronimo Apache with Tomcat for my projects that involve web services but I have some problems.
The first one is the UDDI registry. I load the jUDDI module changing the config.xml and from the happy page all seems to be good but when I try to query or publish a web service from the Eclipse Explorer I wait but nothing happens, by the log file I can authenticate correctly!
With all the default settings i try to publish with the URL "http://localhost:8080/juddi/publish" UserID "juddi" and in the log file i find "[JDBCDataStore] Generated token 'authToken:16BD7580-A8BE-11DC-AF2A-A13CF0F774AC' for user: 'juddi/jUDDI User'"
There are some tutorials on this problem?

Another problem is how can I deploy BPEL processes in Geronimo? For the moment i don't found any tutorial also for this process, can you give me some link or tips?
Thanks in advance

Gabriele Colombini