Does anyone know if there is a new TranQL mailing list? The one on codehaus appears to be dead, form the archives I found. It seems like Tranql development was adopted by the Geronimo team, so I'll fire away here.
I'm having some trouble with my application which needs to perform plain SQL as well as execute some DDL. Right now, we are incorrectly mixing the SQL/DDL which inadvertently commits things and changes the autocommit values in ways that we don't want. I'd like to completely separate my DDL statements by putting them into their own entirely separate datasource but I'm unsure how to do this.
As I understand it, Tranql lets you do things such as have non-XA resources participate in XA transactions. However, what if I have things that need to happen outside the boundary of an XA transaction (such as DDL)?
Using Derby as an example:
There are two managed connection factories as part of the tranql-connector-derby package: ClientLocalMCF backed by a non-XA driver and ClientXAMCF backed by an XA driver.
Do I need to create a local data source backed by a ClientLocalMCF as well as an XA data source backed by ClientXAMCF?
Would it be OK to create two data source that are both backed by the XA driver using ClientXAMCF as long as I keep my DDL operations separate from the other SQL statements?
Will executing DDL on my "DDL Datasource" cause problems if it is backed by an XA DataSource?