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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: Dynamic dependency for external EJBs
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2007 22:36:52 GMT

On Dec 7, 2007, at 7:06 AM, Jochen Zink wrote:

> Hello,
> It is a little bit difficult to describe, but I hope everyone can  
> understand what I want :) :
> I have an EAR file, containing a single EJB.jar
> This EJB needs access to another EJB, which is not inside the same  
> EAR.
> In my opinion it is necessary, that a dependency and name mapping is  
> declared inside the deployment plan of the EAR file, to get access  
> to the external EJB.
> But, we want a little bit more. The EAR file (let us call it ENGINE)  
> works in production and need access to the external EJB (deployed in  
> the same geronimo 2.0.x server). After a while, the exactly the same  
> ENGINE EAR needs access to another external EJB. The other external  
> EJB can be used in the same way as the first external EJB (both has  
> implemented the same Interface), only the JNDI name is different. Is  
> it possible to get access to the second external EJB, without  
> reinstalling the EAR file?
> I read something about EJBs inside geronimo but it seems, that this  
> can't be work. If it is not possible, is there another alternative  
> to get the same behavior?

The Geronimo deployment model is such that nothing can be changed  
after deployment.  About the closest I can think is that it's possible  
to lookup any EJB deployed via the  
org.apache.openejb.client.LocalInitialContextFactory and a new  
InitialContext.  You might be able to rig up something clever using  


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