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From Garth Keesler <>
Subject Re: 5-minute tutorial
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2007 19:01:18 GMT
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Garth Keesler wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
  <p>I am using Eclipse Version: Build id: M20071023-1652 with
Web Tools and Geronimo v2.<br>
  <p>I completed the 5-minute tutorial but am getting the following:<br>
  <h1>HTTP Status 404 - /SampleWAR</h1>
  <hr noshade="noshade" size="1">
  <p><b>type</b> Status report</p>
  <p><b>message</b> <u>/SampleWAR</u></p>
  <p><b>description</b> <u>The requested resource (/SampleWAR) is
  <hr noshade="noshade" size="1">
  <h3>Apache Tomcat/6.0-snapshot</h3>
All went according to the script except for the following where the
text disagrees with the image.<br>
The text reads:<br>
  <p>Fill in the Geronimo Deployment Plan fields with the following
    <li>Group Id: <b>sampleear</b></li>
    <li>Artifact Id: <b>sample-war</b></li>
    <li>Artifact Type: <b>war</b></li>
and the image has "car" instead of "war".<br>
Which is the right value to use (I used war)? I'm
hoping that's the prob.<br>
As a follow-up:<br>
I exported the war file from Eclipse and successfully imported it using
the Geronimo console. The web page displays but when I press the
button, nothing happens.<br>
Still working on it...<br>

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