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From Garth Keesler <>
Subject Re: Geronimo Development Environment
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2007 17:45:40 GMT
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Jacek Laskowski wrote:
  <pre wrap="">On Dec 12, 2007 2:23 PM, Garth Keesler <a class="moz-txt-link-rfc2396E"
href="">&lt;;</a> wrote:

  <blockquote type="cite">
    <pre wrap="">Here's my question: What is the preferred combination of products for
developing a Geronimo system that provides web services against a
Postgres back end database? I currently use Eclipse Europa with WST but
I also have a subscription to MyEclipse which seems to offer a nice set
of tools to enhance the basic Eclipse. From what I have read, it
supports Geronimo v2 but I have not been too successful in getting all
the pieces to work together.
  <pre wrap=""><!---->

Use (My)Eclipse for your preliminary work. Together with Geronimo
Eclipse Plugin it looks as a viable development platform. Take a look
at Intellij IDEA 7 that comes with Geronimo support and other nifty
tools for Java EE development. Since Geronimo's a Java EE 5-certified
application server, it's highly recommended trying out NetBeans IDE 6
as it has a decent tools for Java EE 5 development, but not a Geronimo
plugin (if it had a Geronimo plugin, I think it'd be the one I'd
recommend). I should also mention about the latest IBM offering that's
in the open beta program - IBM Rational Application Developer 7.5.
Although RAD 7.5's a commercial product (as is MyEclipse) that's based
on Eclipse IDE (as is MyEclipse), but has some very nice tools and
wizards for Java EE 5 that you need to try out yourself before picking
up the one for your team. Just give them a shot and see yourself which
one's the one that suits your needs. They're all unique in their
support for javaee5 and it's your homework to pick the one.

As to your last sentence - what didn't work for you?


Thanx much for the feedback. You mention the "team" in your email so I
need to reemphasize "small" in describing our business. I am the team.
:-) That has its advantages and disadvantages but it let's me pretty
much sink or swim on my own.<br>
As to the last sentence, I believe you are the author of the most
helpful 5-minute tutorial. If not, my apologies, but it was a big help.
However, if you look at all the steps it took to create the project,
it's quite complicated and was the first time I ever really got one to
work. Add MyEclipse to the mix and it changes enough to require
relearning the process (just my impression).<br>
One other tool set I'm looking at is the Google Web Tools kit that is
described in an IBM tutorial that includes Eclipse and Geronimo v2.
Even step-by-step, it's complicated and dependent (it would appear) on
having *exactly* the right versions of all the tools involved. I've
never quite got it to work yet.<br>
My take on this is that I intend to use Java/Geronimo but that, again,
the learning curve for the tools will be steep even tho there is much
similarity between C# and Java. That said, learning to use the tools is
always the challenge, and MS's Visual Studio is a pretty nice package.<br>

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