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From Garth Keesler <>
Subject Geronimo Development Environment
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2007 13:23:23 GMT
I am primarily a C# Dot.Net developer but I have been following (and 
playing with) Geronimo since the beginning of v2. I have approval to 
start the next generation of our software (we're a small business) on 
Open Source if I think the chances of success are nearly equal that of 
using Dot.Net.

Here's my question: What is the preferred combination of products for 
developing a Geronimo system that provides web services against a 
Postgres back end database? I currently use Eclipse Europa with WST but 
I also have a subscription to MyEclipse which seems to offer a nice set 
of tools to enhance the basic Eclipse. From what I have read, it 
supports Geronimo v2 but I have not been too successful in getting all 
the pieces to work together.

Sorry for the general nature of the question but I need to make a 
decision soon so I can get started and the learning curve for 
Java/Geronimo is much steeper than for the latest version of Dot.Net.

I've run thru the excellent 5-minute tutorial for using Eclipse for 
Geronimo web services but would still like to hear what y'all are using 
for production development.


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