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From Jochen Zink <>
Subject Dynamic dependency for external EJBs
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2007 15:06:30 GMT

It is a little bit difficult to describe, but I hope everyone can understand what I want :)

I have an EAR file, containing a single EJB.jar
This EJB needs access to another EJB, which is not inside the same EAR.

In my opinion it is necessary, that a dependency and name mapping is declared inside the deployment
plan of the EAR file, to get access to the external EJB.

But, we want a little bit more. The EAR file (let us call it ENGINE) works in production and
need access to the external EJB (deployed in the same geronimo 2.0.x server). After a while,
the exactly the same ENGINE EAR needs access to another external EJB. The other external EJB
can be used in the same way as the first external EJB (both has implemented the same Interface),
only the JNDI name is different. Is it possible to get access to the second external EJB,
without reinstalling the EAR file?

I read something about EJBs inside geronimo but it seems, that this can't be work. If it is
not possible, is there another alternative to get the same behavior?

Thanks a lot!

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