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From "Jacek Laskowski" <>
Subject Re: Circular reference problem
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2007 20:45:00 GMT
On Dec 11, 2007 8:32 PM, maho77 <> wrote:

> - I have a annotations.jar deployed as common lib. This jar contains some
> annotations
> - I have a bean (I call it ModifyBean) that modifies objects that contain
> these annotations.

What's "a bean"? Is it an ejb or a managed (backing) bean or merely a pojo?

> - The ModifyBean will be used by several other beans (BeanA, BeanB, ...) The
> ModifyBean has to be independent from BeanA, BeanB, ...

What does it mean "to be used"? Does ModifyBean process "other beans,
e.g. BeanA and BeanB"?

> - The ModifyBean is dependent from the annotation.jar, because it looks
> after this annotations in the objects that have to be modified

It looks as if ModifyBean proceeses other beans.

(If ModifyBean's an ejb, I could know the answer, but need to wait a
bit to ensure myself I'm right)

> - The other beans BeanA, BeanB are also dependend from annotations.jar
> because some entities make use of the annotations. BeanA and BeanB are also
> dependent from ModifyBean because the BeanA and BeanB calling the modify
> method from ModifyBean to modify the entities.

BeanA, BeanB depend on annotations.jar
BeanA, BeanB depend on ModifyBean
ModifyBean depend on annotations.jar


> My problem is that the ModifyBean has to know BeanA and BeanB, to know the
> entities which should be modified.

ModifyBean.modify(entities) would do the trick, right?

> The deployment of BeanA, BeanB and the
> ModifyBean failes. Further I don't want that the ModifyBean knows BeanA or
> BeanB, because I  have some other beans that should be modified by the
> ModifyBean and I don't want add the dependencies to openejb.xml each time I
> have to add a new bean that want's to use the ModifyBean.

You might take a look at the interceptors feature of ejb3. It lets you
intercept business method calls as well as lifecycle events and
therefore do something in addition to the original call or a lifecycle


Jacek Laskowski

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