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From nexenjh <>
Subject Too many open files
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2007 19:22:37 GMT

We have a geronimo v2.02 server (Server 2) running on Mandriva linux
2.6.17-5. This server is used to receive messages from a website (Server 1)
that are later retreived by another server (Server 3) for processing. We
created a tcp message queue named nexen on port 16161. Everything is
standard geronimo except for a deployed *.war file that is used to check the
queue for messages and then retreive them as they appear. Server 3 uses
"qcount3.jsp" to check if there are entries in the queue, and "getmsg.jsp"
to retreive a message. I have attached 3 files: g202sv.out, getmsg.jsp, and

g202sv.out is the tail of the log showing some of the errors. I did not
attached the entire log because it is several megabytes. I have checked the
/proc/sys/fs/file-max, it is set to 50890. That seems high enough. We are in
test mode so there are not many transactions at this point. If I undeploy
the gjms.war file, the server runs without incident. There must be something
about "qcount3.jsp" (which is requested every minute from Server 3) that
causes a file open on the geronimo server (Server 2). I am new to java
messaging so it may be I am going about this application the wrong way. g202sv.out getmsg.jsp qcount3.jsp 
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