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From Tim McConnell <>
Subject Re: 5-minute Tutorial on Enterprise Application Development with Eclipse and Geronimo (was Re: problems when deploy ejb in eclipse)
Date Sat, 24 Nov 2007 19:12:39 GMT
Hi again Justin, well as you might imagine my advice for best IDE/Server 
combination is somewhat biased towards Eclipse and Geronimo. I like Eclipse 
because of what it can do on my behalf (e.g., wizards for creating various Java 
EE 5 artifacts--like EJB's, creation of Geronimo-specific deployment plans, 
etc). I especially like the code assist capabilities of Eclipse, and the 
debugger in Eclipse is simply the best I've seen (or used). The debugger can be 
used to debug applications (e.g., EJB's) while they are actually running on the 
server, which is very powerful. Also, as you probably already know Eclipse is 
very extensible--there are plugins available for almost anything you can 
imagine. With all this said though I'm sure there are other IDE's that can 
provide similar capabilities as Eclipse (I know a lot of Geronimo committers use 
the IntelliJ Idea IDE but i've never used it so I can't really comment on 
it--maybe some users of Idea might be willing to do so). I'm not sure there is a 
perfect combination for everyone though -- a lot has to do with your level of 
expertise and experience. If you are new to developing Java EE 5 applications, 
which I think you are, the Eclipse/Geronimo combination is a good combination to 
start with since it will mitigate some of the complexities of developing Java EE 
5 applications, and hide most of the details of the Geronimo-specific deployment 

Concerning your second question I think what you are encountering is a WTP bug, 
I don't think its a problem with the Geronimo Eclipse Plugin. I've noticed 
similar behavior when I undeploy an Enterprise application and then redeploy the 
same application using the Eclipse plugin. I also have to reset the J2EE 
dependencies before I redeploy the EAR. Just to be sure though that this is not 
a Geronimo Eclipse Plugin problem I've opened a JIRA so that we can investigate 
it more thoroughly. If you would like to provide more details please do so.


Finally, here is an example of the properties I set for my Windows shortcut when 
I invoke Eclipse to avoid outofmemory exceptions when running the Geronimo 
server under Eclipse. You can also set the vmargs in the eclipse.ini file 
instead if that is easier for you (or if you don't use Windows).

C:\ECLIPSE\EUROPA\eclipse.exe -showlocation -data 
"c:\eclipse\WORKSPACES\GERONIMO_TRUNK" -vmargs -Xms256m -Xmx256m 

Thanks and talk soon

beyondjusitn wrote:
> Hi, Tim. Thanks again. I've set the parameters to see if it will work. 
> Could I ask you some advice on developing EJB? Just as I asked Jacek. What
> do you thing is the best combination to develop EJB? What IDE? What server?
> Some of my friends is trying out Sun Application Server. Still some problems
> occurred. 
> BTW, do you know how to solve the problem I met when second time I opened
> Eclipse? The second time I opened the Eclipse, of course the first time I
> created the three projects in the tutorial "5 minutes tutorial", the J2EE
> dependency disappeared, the servlet could not find the package. I upload the
> two pictures.
> it's supposed to be like this:
> But the second time I opened ecplise, it appeared like this:
> Thanks.
> Tim McConnell-2 wrote:
>> Hi Justin, if you're running Geronimo under Eclipse you will likely need
>> to 
>> increase the your JVM memory, especially if you're running on Windows. I
>> use 
>> these parameters below for my Eclipse installation:
>> -vmargs -Xms256m -Xmx256m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m
>> -- 
>> Thanks,
>> Tim McConnell
> -----
> --
> Best Wishes!
> Justin Tsao

Tim McConnell

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