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From "Jacek Laskowski" <>
Subject Re: Accessing my EJB remote interface from my MDB
Date Sat, 24 Nov 2007 06:42:27 GMT
On Nov 23, 2007 11:22 PM, Tomasz Mazan <> wrote:

> CoreManager (session bean annotated with name "CoreManager") with @remote
> interfaces and MDB in separated modules (jars/ears) but runs in the same
> Geronimo 2.0.2 instance. At runtime MDB is notified what's CoreManager jndi
> name, and should get it from context.

> 1. Is there common context for those modules / beans ?

What do you mean by "common context"? If you think of a common JNDI
naming space, the answer is no - they're in different ears so they
share only a few objects common objects of Geronimo that all ears
share and they're different Java instances.

> 2. What's the name of CoreManager that I should pass to my MDB to get proper
> core object?

Exactly the same you'd use from your remote client, but the difference
lies in the JNDI properties that are not necessary. Geronimo takes
care of it.The jndi name is earfilename/ejbname{remote} or alike (will
have to set up an example myself).


Jacek Laskowski

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