Hi Mark,

That's an odd error.  I'm running Ubuntu as we speak and mine works fine.  I've been running a build of the latest trunk, though.  I'm pulling the 2.0.1 release down to try it with that and I'll let you know the results.

Glad you like the changes!

Jason Warner

On 10/1/07, Mark Aufdencamp <mark@aufdencamp.com> wrote:
Hi All,

I attended the Ohio Linux Fest ( www.ohiolinuxfest.org) this weekend and
decided to get adventurous by installing Geronimo 2 on my clean Ubuntu

I was able to install the Sun 1.5 JRE and JDK successfuly and was quite
impressed with the package managements ability to give me java -version
and javac -version responses on the first try.  However, the package
manager did not set the JAVA_HOME environment variable in the bashrc.
Geronimo's scripts require the environment variable.  Fortunately, I'm
familiar with linux and java environment variables and had an "export
JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-sun/" (update-java-alternatives -l)
without any need to google.

I downloaded and extracted both Eclipse-Europa-JEE5 and Geronimo-2.0.1.
Eclipse started with a simple double click and I was open for business,
minus an application server of course.  Geronimo decided that it
wouldn't be as easy.

I attempted to start Geronimo a couple times and then dug into the log
files.  I discovered the j2ee-security server GBean did not want to
start with a "Cannot bind to URL [rmi://]:"
error message logged.  This also identified the /etc/hostname as the
binding attempt name (UbuntuBox). I reviewed my network hosts
configuration file and discovered that I did not have a host name
without the domain defined on the loopback address.  After chasing a few
things in Ubuntu's Network configuration, I finally named the host
UbuntuBox.domain.tld, which now appears in the /etc/hostname file.  I
was then able to successfully start the server.   For the record,
Ubuntu's Network utility would not place a single host entry without the
domain qualifier on it in the /etc/hosts file.

So now I have a server that was able to start with a valid name up and
running.  I'm able to log into the console manager, etc..  However, the
./geronimo.sh stop command will not shutdown the server.  Any ideas from
anyone else running on Ubuntu?

BTW,  I liked what I saw so far on the 2.0 console!


Mark Aufdencamp