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From "Ed Hillmann" <>
Subject Re: Deploying a jca
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2007 22:03:41 GMT
On 10/16/07, Gareth Evans <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have a senario that I'd be grateful for some advice with.  I've had a
> search for some documentation but have been unable to find some.
> We currently package our application as an ear file and use jca (inflow
> only) to take data feeds from external systems.
> Currently the rar file and configuration sits within the ear file inside
> an openejb-jar.xml and ejb-jar.xml file.  We currently use a build
> system to generate a ear file for each client and this is prone to error.
> My question is, is there anyway of configuring a jca connector outside
> of an ear file to talk to an mdb within the ear?  Can this be done with
> a deployment plan?

Yes, is it possible.  I've done this, using a non-JMS inbound adapter
in Geronimo 2.  You haven't said if you were using JMS or not, but I
haven't attempted this using JMS, only non-JMS adapters.  Please read to see if
it helps you.


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