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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: running two instances of Geronimo 2.0.1
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 22:31:50 GMT
Hi Mario,

One of the basic problems you are running into is that the  
configuration names don't make very much sense and aren't very  
consistent.  The "Primary" and "Secondary" suffixes are left over  
from when we didn't have a good separation between the jetty and  
tomcat configurations and had some idea of allowing you to run both  
at once on the same server.

So you will probably have to do some detective work to get this to  
work properly...

There are 3 places a property such as a port can be configured:

1. the original deployment plan, such as in configs/jetty6/src/plan/ 

2. var/config/config.xml  can be used to override the value in the  
original plan.  If there's any use of a substitution variable like $ 
{AJPPortSecondary} it would be here.

3. var/config/ has values for  
substitution variables from var/config/config.xml

So.... anything in needs to have a  
use in var/config/config.xml in order to have any effect.

As part of work I'm doing in trunk to assemble the config.xml's out  
of bits from each module I've discovered that the "hard-coded"  
config.xmls have some rather antique and out-of-sync names in them so  
as you are finding you may need to do some analysis to get something  
to work.  In trunk very soon the names and config-substitution  
contents will be consistent across all the server because for each  
module the entries will come from the same source -- geronimo- 
plugins.xml for that module.

Hope this helps,
david jencks

On Oct 2, 2007, at 10:59 AM, Mario Ruebsam wrote:

> Hi Tim,
> this is what I did, setting the offset to the recommended 10.
> I tried to point out that the recommended offset 10 lead in
> a conflict on Little-G Jetty. Since 10 is a good value I tried
> to configure the conflicting AJPPortPrimary and AJPPortSecondary
> which are not in the default Little-G Jetty config.xml .
> I copied the configuration of the JettyAJP13Connector from
> the J2EE version of Geronimo. But this sets only the AJPPortPrimary.
> I still need to configure the AJPPortSecondary in the config.xml
> and dont know how.
> Thanks,
> Mario
> Tim McConnell wrote:
>> Hi Mario, the port offset is there to allow users to change all  
>> the port settings with only a single configuration change (e.g.,  
>> for exactly the purpose you're trying to use it for--running  
>> multiple instances of the server). However, if you find that you  
>> still have conflicts you can configure the individual port  
>> settings to anything you like, or anything that prevents  
>> conflicts, without using the portoffset substitution variable. For  
>> example,
>> <attribute name="port">25</attribute>
>> Mario Ruebsam wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> in the file there is a nice  
>>> feature to
>>> run more than one instance of Geronimo at the same machine. But the
>>> recommended port offset leads to a conflict.
>>> ##   To run multiple instances of geronimo choose a portOffset  
>>> such that none of the ports below conflict
>>> ##   Try PortOffset=10
>>> Setting PortOffset to the recommended 10 leads to a conflict  
>>> because of the
>>> default AJPPortSecondary port. This one is not configured in  
>>> default config.xml
>>> an so will not be changed from the 8019 setting. Setting the  
>>> offset of 10 to
>>> the AJPPortPrimary (8009) will conflict with the secondary.
>>> How do I configure the AJPPortSecondary port in config.xml?
>>> I already added the config of the primary because it is not part  
>>> of the
>>> Little-G default config.
>>> <gbean name="JettyAJP13Connector">
>>>             <attribute name="host">${ServerHostname}</attribute>
>>>             <attribute name="port">${AJPPortPrimary + PortOffset} 
>>> </attribute>
>>>             <attribute name="redirectPort">${HTTPSPortPrimary +  
>>> PortOffset}</attribute>
>>>         </gbean>
>>> I know setting the offset to 8 will also help but I have some  
>>> services
>>> that will then conflict also. So the offset of 10 would be great.
>>> Thanks, Mario

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