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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: pointing to bin/lib/schema folder from diffrent machine/users directory
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2007 07:47:21 GMT

On Oct 29, 2007, at 12:39 AM, abpb2006 wrote:

> Hi David,
> Thanks for your response. You solution works for us if we install  
> WASCE on a
> centeral location and have the multiple instances but the probelm  
> is this
> centeral location will not have any write and execute  
> will
> only have read only permission. hense when we run multiple instance  
> for
> every tries to write some info on the cernteral  
> location of
> WASCE install and it fials in our scenraio....moreover evry user  
> will have
> their own repo and not even on the centeral location it should be  
> known by
> other users....what all repo's are there or avilable....thats why  
> we wanted
> to install server for evry user but share bin/lib and schema  
> folders.....any
> pointers on this? Your repose is much appriciated.

I don't understand why having a local per user var directory  
containing a per-user repository won't satisfy your requirements.   
Geronimo should not be writing anything except into files in var  
unless you deploy something, and if you set up a repository inside  
the users' var dir for per-user deployments, even deployments won't  
alter the main repo.  If geronimo is writing something else, please  
let us know what.

david jencks

> Thanks
>   ABPB
> djencks wrote:
>> On Oct 28, 2007, at 10:33 PM, abpb2006 wrote:
>>> Hi AG Guru,
>>> May I request for your valuable suggestion on referring to BIN/LIB/
>>> directories from different users/machine installs of Geronimo?
>>> We have 10 different locations on 10 different machines for 10
>>> users where
>>> we have installed Geronimo server for every users.
>>> Since bin/lib and schema are common and read only folders to all
>>> the users,
>>> is it possible to keep those directory on a central server and
>>> every user
>>> machine( Geronimo install) can point to those bin/lib/schema
>>> directories?
>>> I think it should be possible but I really am not able refer to  
>>> those
>>> bin/lib/schema directories from users install of Geronimo.
>>> Pl suggest, your help will is highly appreciated.
>> Schema is thee only for your reference, it is not used by geronimo.
>> You can specify where the geronimo installation is by setting
>> -Dorg.apache.geronimo.home.dir=<location> on the server command line.
>> The only files that are not read only are under var, and you can
>> specify the location of the var directory on server startup with
>> -Dorg.apache.geronimo.server.dir=<location> on the server command
>> line.  If this is a relative path it is resolved relative to the
>> geronimo home dir: if absolute such resolution is not necessary.
>> You might be able to use something like nfs mounts to share a basic
>> geronimo installation on one machine with all the running copies
>> having local var directories.  If there is any chance of users
>> independently deploying apps with the same name you will want to set
>> up secondary repositories in the local var directory.  There are some
>> instuctions here:
>> repositories.html
>> hope this helps
>> david jencks
>>> Many thanks in advance
>>> -ABPB
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