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From Tim McConnell <>
Subject Re: Eclipse geronimo plugin doesnt Republish/Sync/Update
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2007 21:07:21 GMT
Hi fmchale, thanks for the information. I'm not aware of any problems with any 
synchronization problems with the Eclipse plugin and the Geronimo server. Do you 
happen to know whether you have the "Automatically publish to local server" 
setting checked in your server preferences ?? If so, it should republish ever 
few seconds based on what you have set, and you should not have to go through 
the uninstall  and reinstall steps you describe below. Does this happen on all 
your projects or just specific ones ?? And would it be possible to either attach 
the project so we can test with it, or even describe it in more detail so we can 
emulate it ?? Also, what platform are you running on (looks like probably 
Windows) ?? Once I get a little more information I'll look at it immediately. 
Thanks again....

fmchale wrote:
> Hello,
> Our development team is using the latest stable Eclipse, Geronimo 2.0 , and
> Geronimo Sever Plugin.  All of it awesome!  But we are coming across a
> problem, Ive searched through the forums and havent seen this before.  We
> can publish a project through Eclipse normally with no problems.  But after
> that first publish we will make changes and save the projects, expecting it
> to republish/synchronize as Eclipse is telling us this, but no changes are
> made to the app running on the server.  The only way we can get our updates
> to the server is to remove the project using eclipse, then add it again.  Or
> by going into the Geronimo web console, uninstalling the war, removing the
> project in eclipse then adding it again.  Also we have noticed that the zip
> file in
> workspace\.metadata\.plugins\\server_10_20_07_10_29_PM4
> that contains the project is not getting updated when we attempt to
> republish.  This used to not be an issue when we were using the daily builds
> of the Geronimo Plugin.  Any thoughts on this issue would be greatly
> appreciated.

Tim McConnell

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