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From Mario Ruebsam <>
Subject Re: running two instances of Geronimo 2.0.1
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 17:59:11 GMT
Hi Tim,

this is what I did, setting the offset to the recommended 10.
I tried to point out that the recommended offset 10 lead in
a conflict on Little-G Jetty. Since 10 is a good value I tried
to configure the conflicting AJPPortPrimary and AJPPortSecondary
which are not in the default Little-G Jetty config.xml .
I copied the configuration of the JettyAJP13Connector from
the J2EE version of Geronimo. But this sets only the AJPPortPrimary.
I still need to configure the AJPPortSecondary in the config.xml
and dont know how.


Tim McConnell wrote:
> Hi Mario, the port offset is there to allow users to change all the port 
> settings with only a single configuration change (e.g., for exactly the 
> purpose you're trying to use it for--running multiple instances of the 
> server). However, if you find that you still have conflicts you can 
> configure the individual port settings to anything you like, or anything 
> that prevents conflicts, without using the portoffset substitution 
> variable. For example,
> <attribute name="port">25</attribute>
> Mario Ruebsam wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> in the file there is a nice feature to
>> run more than one instance of Geronimo at the same machine. But the
>> recommended port offset leads to a conflict.
>> ##   To run multiple instances of geronimo choose a portOffset such 
>> that none of the ports below conflict
>> ##   Try PortOffset=10
>> Setting PortOffset to the recommended 10 leads to a conflict because 
>> of the
>> default AJPPortSecondary port. This one is not configured in default 
>> config.xml
>> an so will not be changed from the 8019 setting. Setting the offset of 
>> 10 to
>> the AJPPortPrimary (8009) will conflict with the secondary.
>> How do I configure the AJPPortSecondary port in config.xml?
>> I already added the config of the primary because it is not part of the
>> Little-G default config.
>> <gbean name="JettyAJP13Connector">
>>             <attribute name="host">${ServerHostname}</attribute>
>>             <attribute name="port">${AJPPortPrimary + 
>> PortOffset}</attribute>
>>             <attribute name="redirectPort">${HTTPSPortPrimary + 
>> PortOffset}</attribute>
>>         </gbean>
>> I know setting the offset to 8 will also help but I have some services
>> that will then conflict also. So the offset of 10 would be great.
>> Thanks, Mario

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