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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Q: MDB Application cannot find Interface defined in RAR file
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 04:50:10 GMT
Hi Ed,

I'm sorry you've been having such a hard time getting this to work.   
Email is not always the most efficient form for dialog :-).  If you  
can get on IRC sometime when I am around I can probably help sort  
things out more quickly or if IRC is unavailable to you but you have  
some time to  work through this more continuously we could try  
that.... having a couple days between emails its difficult to  
remember exactly what the context of your questions is.

One of the things I don't like much about the console deployer is  
that it tends to conceal the causes of errors and sometimes the fact  
of errors :-).  I generally get better feedback from the command line  
deployer -- also a transcript shows unambiguously what you tried to do.

I noticed a couple o things in the stuff you sent some of which might  
be causing problems.

1. There are a lot of jar dependencies in your geronimo plan for the  
rar... does this mean all these jars are needed by the rar but are  
not included in it?  If the jars are included in the rar they should  
not be needed as dependencies.  Knowing exactly what is in the rar  
would be helpful

2. The resource adapter has no outbound connectors and all the  
ResourceAdapter properties are set to their defaults from ra.xml....  
this is as intended?

3. the openejb-jar.xml has a dependency on a rar.  That would be a  
dependency on a rar that is deployed separately, not the one in the  
ear.  If this is really the openejb-jar.xml from the ear attempt you  
should remove that dependency.

4. the resource-link in the mdb config does not appear to be pointing  
to the resource adapter you configured in the geronimo- 
application.xml.... maybe its pointing to the one in the standalone  
rar that the openejb-jar.xml is depending on?  IIUC you would want


5. There is no additional configuration of the inbound ra in the  
openejb-jar.xml so this must mean that all the necessary properties  
(including what the message-listener interface is) is set in the ejb- 
jar.xml or in annotations?

BTW standalone should be just about the same as non-standalone except  
for needing a dependency from the ejb plan to the rar plan.... but  
then, in theory, theory and practice are the same...

david jencks

On Oct 2, 2007, at 8:18 PM, Ed Hillmann wrote:

> Ok, I've given up on trying to deploy the RAR stand-alone.  I can't
> figure out how to get the classloader to include classes from all of
> the JAR files in the RAR file.  I've tried adding Class-Path: entries
> to various Manifests, with no luck.  And I don't seem to be able to
> find any documentation about how to customise the class loading for
> v2.
> So, I'm trying to deploy the RAR file with the EAR file, simply
> because it looks like there is documentation for it.  So, I'm trying
> to deploy a single EAR file, with a JAR file (containing the MDB) and
> the RAR file (containing the adapter) contained within the EAR file.
> I"ve got an application.xml and geronimo-application.xml file
> contained within the EAR file, and an openejb-jar.xml file in the JAR
> file (attached to this message).
> Now, it appears to deploy, in that the console doesn't report any
> errors.  But, I can't find the application in the list of installed
> application EARs.  If I look at the server.log, there's the exception
> org.apache.geronimo.common.DeploymentException:
> com.intecbilling.svevents.geronimo/SVEventsDemo-Geronimo/1.0/ear does
> not appear to be a the name of a module available on the selected
> server. Perhaps it has already been stopped or undeployed?  If you're
> trying to specify a TargetModuleID, use the syntax
> TargetName|ModuleName instead. If you're not sure what's running, try
> the list-modules command.
> So, the SVEventsDemo-Geronimo is the name of the module, as defined in
> the openejb-jar.xml file.
> So, how does an application get stopped immediately after it's  
> deployed?
> I have to ask it.  Should I be using version 2 of Geronimo?  Everytime
> I try to run my adapter in Geronimo, it's an absolute trainwreck.
> I've already gotten to the point, where I use another container to get
> my adapter functionality working, and then just try to get the same
> thing deployed in Geronimo.  I appreciate the support that I have
> gotten from this mailing list, but that's about the only positive I've
> had from this process.  I can get about an hour's worth of work done,
> before I come across another Geronimo error for which there is no
> existing documentation.  Then, back to spamming the mailing list.  So,
> is 2.0.1 not ready for prime time yet?  Should I be using an earlier
> release?
> As far as my experience so far, Geronimo isn't meeting its first
> guiding principle (Easy to use), certainly when in comparison to other
> offerings.  I'm just very frustrated from this exercise so far.
> <application.xml>
> <geronimo-application.xml>
> <openejb-jar.xml>
> <geronimo.log>

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