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From Xh <>
Subject XML and EXSLT support disappeared from Geronimo 2.0.1!
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 15:58:33 GMT
Hi All!

I'm having problems with running XSLT stylesheets that I was successfully using with previous
Geronimo 1.1.0.

I have (example use of

        xmlns:set="" exclude-result-prefixes="set"
        <xsl:output method="html" encoding="UTF-8" indent="yes" />
                href="/stuff/installs/IBM/WASCE2/var/dataweaver/xsl/utils/main.xsl" />
<xsl:template name="ranges">
                <xsl:param name="location" />

                        <!-- @TODO check what's wrong set:distinct() !!!!!! -->

Above stylesheet was working with Geronimo 1.1.0 and WAS-CE 1.0.0.

Maybe some XML libraries were changed, or are not shipped with Geronimo 2.0.1 any more?

thanks and best regards

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