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From Steve Blackburn <>
Subject Re: Daytrader for DaCapo
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2007 20:20:52 GMT

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the response.  This looks helpful.

I need to develop up a benchmark (or set of benchmarks) which is completely
self contained and does not use the gui.   I fully realize the value (from
the standpoint of realism) of driving a gui with a load driver.  However,
the objectives of the DaCapo suite are rather different (realism is one of
many dimensions we hold in tension).

Anyway, I will persevere with trying to get something working which does not
depend on the gui.



Christopher Blythe wrote:
> Steve...
> Let me see if I can tackle most of the questions you posed. Before, diving
> in, let me express my thanks for willingness to dig through the README,
> etc.
> and point out things that are confusing or just plain in-accurate. For
> better or for worse, most of the people involved with the DayTrader are so
> familiar with it, that things like the README and FAQ fall through the
> cracks. We do our best given the "free" time we have, and any extra help
> is
> always appreciated.
> So, for the most part, DayTrader is meant to be a web-based application.
> So
> most of the functionality is provided by the web ui accessible via
> http://localhost:8080/daytrader. The "Go Trade" link that was referred to
> in
> the documentation should actually be renamed to the "Trading & Portfolios"
> tab.
> Regarding the J2EE clients (streamer and web services client), these are
> merely sample J2EE clients included with DayTrader to demonstrate
> functionality of a JMS, EJB, and web services client. These are not
> intended
> for any type of load testing. The command listed to launch these clients
> are
> simply wrong. The path to the jar file should be based on it's location
> within the Geronimo repository. Something like the following...
> java -jar bin/client.jar org.apache.geronimo.daytrader
> /daytrader-streamer-client/2.0-SNAPSHOT/car
> You will also need to ensure that the yoko orb is used instead of the orb
> provided by the JDK by adding the java.endorsed.dirs property. I think it
> would be something like the following, but you may need to tweak it a bit
> to
> make sure that it is truly overriding the JDK.
> -Djava.endorsed.dirs=<geronimo_home>/lib/endorsed
> As for the TradeScenarioServlet, this is actually something we have
> contemplated removing. The preferred way of driving DayTrader is to
> develop
> a set of load driving scripts using one of the many tools on the market
> (LoadRunner, Grinder (open source), etc.). We would really like to have a
> standard set of scripts that we could deliver with DayTrader based on an
> open-source load driving tool. Unfortunately, we haven't found one that
> works quite as well as the commercial ones. So, we leave that up to the
> user
> for the time being.
> Hope this helps...
> Chris
> On 10/16/07, Steve Blackburn <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am one of the leads on the dacapo benchmark suite effort
>> (  We're looking at including a workload based on
>> daytrader in our next release (due early 2008).  I've chased up by
>> looking
>> at the code (!) etc., and had a look through the previous daytrader posts
>> on
>> this list.
>> I have run into a few issues.
>> I'd really appreciate some direction, or just some information on the
>> status
>> of DayTrader.  I'm trying to get daytrader on the rails for our next
>> major
>> release---this is involves a pretty considerable amount of work, both on
>> the
>> coding side (integrating it seamlessly into the pre-packaged
>> self-contained
>> suite) and more so, on the analytical side (conjuring up workloads which
>> are
>> both simple and meaningful enough to be of use to the research
>> community).
>> The payoff for Geronimo in having this in DaCapo is having many 100's of
>> researchers hammering the codebase as an object of analysis and
>> optimization, and industrial types both on the Java side and the
>> architecture side using it to tune their products...
>> Anyway... two substantive issues:
>> 1. I have a couple of simple question regarding running daytrader:
>>   a) The README (svn head as of three weeks ago) suggests running clients
>> from the command line, but this is unsuccessful (the GUI was OK). I
>> muddled
>> through the source and googled around but did not find anything
>> useful.  I'm
>> at a bit of a loss as to where to go next:
>>         java -jar client.jar tradeStreamerAppclient
>>         22:48:23,755 INFO  [CommandLine] Client startup begun
>>         java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid id:
>> tradeStreamerAppclient
>>                 at
>> org.apache.geronimo.kernel.repository.Artifact.create(
>>                 at
>> org.apache.geronimo.system.main.ClientCommandLine.execute(
>>                 at
>> org.apache.geronimo.system.main.EmbeddedClientCommandLine.execute(
>>                 at
>> org.apache.geronimo.kernel.util.MainConfigurationBootstrapper.main(
>>                 at
>> org.apache.geronimo.cli.AbstractCLI.executeMain(
>>                 at org.apache.geronimo.cli.client.ClientCLI.main(
>>   b) The README refers to "Go Trade!" I see no such button or tab in the
>> version I'm running.  I am able to see and use the web interface, I was
>> curious about the apparent inconsistency between the README and the web
>> interface.
>>   c) Likewise the comments in the FAQ about using the TradeScenario
>> servlet
>> don't appear to work.
>> 2. I am interested in any sample workloads/scenarios you may have.  I'm
>> happy enough to generate my own, but undoubtedly you've given this some
>> thought.  If we can draw on that insight/expertise, then so much the
>> better.
>> Cheers,
>> --Steve
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