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From Steve Blackburn <>
Subject Daytrader for DaCapo
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2007 03:49:49 GMT


I am one of the leads on the dacapo benchmark suite effort
(  We're looking at including a workload based on
daytrader in our next release (due early 2008).  I've chased up by looking
at the code (!) etc., and had a look through the previous daytrader posts on
this list.

I have run into a few issues.

I'd really appreciate some direction, or just some information on the status
of DayTrader.  I'm trying to get daytrader on the rails for our next major
release---this is involves a pretty considerable amount of work, both on the
coding side (integrating it seamlessly into the pre-packaged self-contained
suite) and more so, on the analytical side (conjuring up workloads which are
both simple and meaningful enough to be of use to the research community). 
The payoff for Geronimo in having this in DaCapo is having many 100's of
researchers hammering the codebase as an object of analysis and
optimization, and industrial types both on the Java side and the
architecture side using it to tune their products...

Anyway... two substantive issues:

1. I have a couple of simple question regarding running daytrader:

  a) The README (svn head as of three weeks ago) suggests running clients
from the command line, but this is unsuccessful (the GUI was OK). I muddled
through the source and googled around but did not find anything useful.  I'm
at a bit of a loss as to where to go next:

	java -jar client.jar tradeStreamerAppclient
	22:48:23,755 INFO  [CommandLine] Client startup begun
	java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid id: tradeStreamerAppclient
	        at org.apache.geronimo.cli.client.ClientCLI.main(

  b) The README refers to "Go Trade!" I see no such button or tab in the
version I'm running.  I am able to see and use the web interface, I was
curious about the apparent inconsistency between the README and the web

  c) Likewise the comments in the FAQ about using the TradeScenario servlet
don't appear to work.

2. I am interested in any sample workloads/scenarios you may have.  I'm
happy enough to generate my own, but undoubtedly you've given this some
thought.  If we can draw on that insight/expertise, then so much the better.


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