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From jason_woodruff <>
Subject 1099 used by previous start of geronimo
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2007 17:44:12 GMT

 Below is a section of the log file.  I appear to have started geronimo, and
then tried to start it again.  Of course it fails because 1099 is in use. 
Trying to shut down the first instance of geronimo gives an error, no
service can be found on 1099.  And the console uri cannot find the server,
suggesting that it has been stopped.  Netstat'ing shows 1099 to be in use. 
/etc/services shows it to be RMIRegistry.

What am I to do?   Cannot stop and cannot start.  Cannot clear the port. 
I'm very stuck.

Thanks is advance for any pointers,



Startup completed in 112 seconds
  Listening on Ports:
    1099   RMI Naming
    1527 Derby Connector
    1528   Derby Connector
    4201   ActiveIO Connector EJB
    4242   Remote Login Listener
    8009   Jetty Connector AJP13
    8080   Jetty Connector HTTP
    8443   Jetty Connector HTTPS
    9999   JMX Remoting Connector

  Started Application Modules:
    EAR: geronimo/webconsole-jetty/1.1.1/car
    RAR: com.intalio.bpms/BPMSDS/1.0/rar
    WAR: com.intalio.bpms.console/geronimo-1.1/
    WAR: com.intalio.bpms.wsi/wsi/
    WAR: com.intalio.bpms/axis2-services-geronimo-1.1/1.1.1/war
    WAR: geronimo/remote-deploy-jetty/1.1.1/car
    WAR: ode/ode-war/5.0.67/war
    WAR: org.intalio.tempo.workflow/fds/
    WAR: org.intalio.tempo.workflow/ui-fw/
    WAR: org.intalio.tempo.workflow/wds/
    WAR: org.intalio.tempo/tempo-xforms-manager-geronimo-1.1/

  Web Applications:

Geronimo Application Server started
Booting Geronimo Kernel (in Java 1.5.0_13)...
Module  1/26 geronimo/rmi-naming/1.1.1/car                                 
15:29:11,778 WARN  [RMIRegistryService] RMI Registry failed
15:29:11,803 ERROR [GBeanInstanceState] Error while starting; GBean is now
in the FAILED state:
java.rmi.server.ExportException: Port already in use: 1099; nested exception
is: Address already in use
	at sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPTransport.listen(
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