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Subject RE: How to specify JNDI names?
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2007 16:46:35 GMT
Quoting "Zakharov, Vasily M" <>:

> Kevan,
> Thanks for your help! Your solution worked.

Thanks as well, Kevan!

> However, in my case the proper JNDI name for the bean turned out to be
> as follows:
> "orders.jar/OrderAuditSes/org.spec.jappserver.orders.orderauditses.ejb.O
> rderAuditSes"
> and I had to patch the source code of the 3rd party application (good I
> had the sources)
> to make it working.

The Geronimo sets the artifact id to include the .jar extension when the ejb jar
is in an ear, when it's not in an ear and is all alone the .jar is shaved off. 
The artifact id is used to construct the jndi name thus you get a slightly
different name depending on how you deployed it (in or out of an ear).

> It makes me hope the naming scheme is somehow simplified in G2.0.2. :)

Definitely.  Assuming your interface is an EJBHome/EJBObject you'd get simply
"OrderAuditSesRemoteHome" as your JNDI name.

We would have made them simpler in 2.0.1 but there was a limitation around
supporting javaee app clients that made it so we had to have a name that was as
complete as possible.  We fixed it so old fashioned standalone clients and
javaee clients use different jndi trees so the format of the standalone client
can go back to being simple.  Additionally, you can now change the standalone
client JNDI name format to just about anything you want.

> From: Kevan Miller []
> You can find JNDI naming documentation for 2.0.2 here -- http://
> Supposedly this doc
> got moved to a better location, but I don't see it... Perhaps Hernan
> or David B can point us to it...  is the right location. 
Originally I put it in the GMOxSBOX space as I didn't know where Hernan would
want it.

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