Hi Mark,

One issue that has been noticed when using Ubuntu is that it's difficult to use the appropriate JVM.  The solution I've been using is to recreate the java symlink in /usr/bin and have it point to the proper version of java that you more than likely have already downloaded. 

Hope this helps,

Jason Warner

On 9/5/07, Mark Aufdencamp <mark@aufdencamp.com> wrote:
Hi All,

I've been blessed by my network administrator with a new P4 Ubuntu
workstation of sufficient size and power to give Geronimo 2 and Eclipse
3.3 a whirl.  I've noticed some issues arising over the usage of a Jave
6 rather than a Java 5 environment.  I've also been following the
Harmony project.

I'm wondering if anyone is utilizing the Harmony Ubuntu JVM/JRE/JDK for
Eclipse and Geronimo development?

Any recommendations on setting up Java, Eclipse, or Geronimo on Ubuntu
are welcome.

Mark Aufdencamp