On Sep 6, 2007, at 5:32 AM, Paolo Denti wrote:

Mmmhhhhh, not sure of that. i can deploy and run successfully the application on the tomcat version if i comment out the sitemesh filter mapping in web.xml even if i get the filenotfoundexception during shutdown.

I think Viet is implying that there is a general issue with the way we're setting up the root context during an ear deployment. Sitemesh highlights the issue, but the general problem exists even without Sitemesh. I think he's probably correct. This will take a bit more investigation to get to the bottom of the problem. 



Viet Nguyen wrote:

I was able to reproduce this problem with your test app. I also found out that any EAR deployed at the root context (using tomcat) will have the same problem. It is not hibernate/spring/sitemesh specific. It may be a bug in Geronimo. The problem occurs because when the server is shut down, the sessions are not being saved properly. You can try to get this error with the following:
1. deploy an EAR at the root context (in tomcat)
2. stop the server (you should get a FileNotFoundException) <-- this is the cause of the problem
3. start the server
4. try to view the web app at the root context (there should be problems viewing it)

As you mentioned, this only happens with EARs, the WAR equivalent works fine.

I will keep digging.