David Blevins wrote:
Hi Tomasz, I created a doc for you that describes the missing parts. http://cwiki.apache.org/OPENEJB/ejb-refs.html Keep what you have with the openejb-jar and add the parts described in this to your ejb-jar.xml. Unfortunately, while looking into this I discovered that our code for overriding an @EJB annotation with an in the xml is not implemented, thus if you have @EJB and the corresponding as described in the first section of the document, you'll end up with two refs and not one as you should. We'll get this fixed asap, but until then follow the technique described in the second part of the doc and in the next version of Geronimo you'll be able to delete some of that xml and readd the @EJB annotation. -David
David, this example doesn't want working. I found text below in ejb-jar specification:
The ejb-link element is used in the ejb-ref element to specify that an
EJB reference is linked to another enterprise bean in the ejb-jar

The value of the ejb-link element must be the ejb-name of an enterprise
bean in the same ejb-jar file, or in another ejb-jar file in the same
J2EE application unit.
I suspect it's not correct way :-|

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