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From "Ed Hillmann" <>
Subject Re: How to define a JCA connection pool / jndi address?
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 06:02:43 GMT
On 9/20/07, David Jencks <> wrote:
> OK, you're right.  I opened
> GERONIMO-3480.
> Meanwhile you will have to modify your ra.xml to list all the config
> properties you want to use, and we don't complain if you don't set some.
I can deal with that.  I just prefer not treating every property as
mandatory.  One, because there doesn't seem to be a clean way to
define a null value to the property.  Another reason, is because our
DD would end up being rather large if all the optional properties
required declaration ahead of time.

> In geronimo you need to use a plan to deploy a resource adapter
> instance, and that plan specifies the pooling parameters.  You can
> deploy as many MCFs/pools as you want in one plan using the same
> resource adapter.  There is no way to do this from the console at
> this time.
> If you are still having trouble figuring out a working plan please
> post what you have and some indication of the problems you are seeing.
I am.  This plan is the same plan that is used when deploying the RAR
module, yes?

This is what I have so far:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<connector xmlns="">
  <dep:environment xmlns:dep="">
      <resourceadapter-name>Singl.eView Inbound Resource

I guess, in this case, I was expecting to see "jca/svConnector1" in
the JNDI tree of the server.  Simply because I didn't see anywhere
else I was supposed to declare the JNDI address of the

What I'm trying to do is this.  I have written an Inbound Adapters
that, when its endpoint is being registered, will get a Connection
using a JNDI address defined as part of it's ActivationSpec.  This
connection will be used to handler incoming events.

So, in the scope of the jca-plan.xml file, is this two
<resourceadapter> nodes: one for the connection pool (containing the
<outbound-resourceadapter> element), and a second for the
<resourceadapter-instance> (which contains the JNDI address of the
first entry in the plan).

Or can this be described using a single <resourceadapter> node?

Less importantly, are there any plans to make this a little easier via
the Admin Console?  I don't want to whine.  But I can, if you like...


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