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From "Ed Hillmann" <>
Subject Re: ra.xml parse error when deploying JCA adapter
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2007 02:53:11 GMT
> Here's the relevant bit of schema:
>    <xsd:complexType name="required-config-propertyType">
>      <xsd:annotation>
>        <xsd:documentation>
>         <![CDATA[
>           The required-config-propertyType contains a declaration
>           of a single configuration property used for specifying a
>           required configuration property name. It is used
>           by required-config-property elements.
>           Example:
>           <required-config-property>Destination</required-config-property>
>           ]]>
>        </xsd:documentation>
>      </xsd:annotation>
>      <xsd:sequence>
>        <xsd:element name="description"
>                    type="j2ee:descriptionType"
>                    minOccurs="0"
>                    maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
>        <xsd:element name="config-property-name"
>                    type="j2ee:config-property-nameType"/>
>      </xsd:sequence>
>      <xsd:attribute name="id" type="xsd:ID"/>
>    </xsd:complexType>
> now I can see how you might be confused since the example in the
> documentation has no relation to the schema whatsover, but its pretty
> clear that although you can have as many or as few descriptions of
> the required-config-property it can have only one config-property-name.
> You need something like
>              <required-config-property>
>                <config-property-name>ConnectionAddress</config-
> property-name>
>              </required-config-property>
>              <required-config-property>
>                <config-property-name>EventPatterns</config-property-
> name>
>              </required-config-property>
I just tried that as you sent your email.  And you're exactly right.
It was my incorrect interpretation. :)  Updating the deployment
descriptor as above, it validates fine.

> >
> > What I don't have is any geronimo-ra.xml file.  I was trying to
> > ascertain if one was required or not.  From what documentation I could
> > find, it did not sound like it was required.
> You do need a plan to deploy a rar.  Although you can repackage your
> rar to include a META-INF/geronimo-ra.xml file, I think that is kinda
> dumb and recommend you use an external plan.  If you include the rar
> in an ear you can include the plan for the rar in an ear plan.  Let
> me know if you need any help setting up such a plan.  Note that the
> activation spec will get configured with an MDB that will be using
> it, not in the rar plan.  I'm not sure how much testing non-jms
> inbound adapters have gotten in 2.0.1 so your experience would be
> very valuable to us.

I've been looking at some example code I found on IBM's site which has
been pretty helpful.  I'll start working on the external plan.  I
expected one was needed, because a) my previous attempt on Glassfish
required one, and b) my Adapter requires a JAR file which has been
installed in the Geronimo repository.

The doco states that I can include any required JAR in the RAR file,
and it will be included within the Adapter's classpath.  But that's
not the best fit for our needs at the moment.  I think we'd prefer
using the Repository.

I have got this working on Glassfish, and my aim is to get this
working on Geronimo.  I will relay my experiences when I finish trying
it out.

Thanks for the help!


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