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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Threads not released/reused in Geronimo 2.0.1 and Jetty, was: Creation of new threads after closing response writer in Servlet in Little-G Jetty 2.0.1
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2007 12:55:01 GMT
Thanks for pointing out that this is overly difficult to configure.

In your var/config/config.xml add this to the rmi-naming module element

    <gbean name="DefaultThreadPool">
         <attribute name="keepAliveTime">5000</attribute>
         <attribute name="poolSize">${threadPoolSize}</attribute>

and add this in var/config/

(or whatever value you want)

You can hardcode the size in the config.xml but it may be easier to  
change from config-substitutions.

david jencks

On Sep 17, 2007, at 4:29 AM, Mario Ruebsam wrote:

> Ok, now that I run Geronimo 2.0.1 with console I see the max thread
> setting of 500. The Little-G Version is also set to this default
> max thread count. The question for me is now why this increase in
> max thread count compared with the 1.1 version? Some systems like
> HP-UX have a default of 128 threads per process and in my special
> case it was already set to 512.
> Is there an option to set it lower in Little-G without the console?
> Thanks,
> Mario
> Mario Ruebsam wrote:
>> The increasing creation of Threads happens also when I start
>> the default Geronimo/Jetty 2.0.1 distribution.
>> Even the usage of the console leads to creation of new Threads
>> and none of the existing Threads will be reused.
>> I tested it in the following environment:
>> Windows XP, Java 1.6.0_02
>> HP-UX, Java 1.5.0_9
>> Thanks,
>> Mario

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