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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: EJB Authentication Problem
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2007 00:07:59 GMT

On Sep 24, 2007, at 6:48 PM, Kory Markevich wrote:

> David Jencks <david_jencks@...> writes:
>> I think this is what you need to do.  With openejb standalone the
>> login-by-getting-jndi might work better.  We could fix it in geronimo
>> by having you supply a realm name
> I guess what I need to know is whether I'm missing something,  
> because from what
> I can tell both login via JNDI and via JAAS (using
> org.apache.openejb.client.ClientLoginModule) from a stand-alone  
> client cannot
> work in 2.0.1 because they both send null as the realm name, which  
> Geronimo
> rejects.  Both of these methods have changed in the latest OpenEJB  
> to allow the
> realm name to be passed; any idea when those features or equivalent  
> will end up
> in Geronimo?

You can give the latest 2.0.2-SNAPSHOT build a try (http:// 
assemblies/geronimo-tomcat6-jee5/2.0.2-SNAPSHOT/geronimo-tomcat6- or similarly named jetty  
assembly). It contains a more recent build of OpenEJB.

We're nearly ready for a new fix release...


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