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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: How to define a JCA connection pool / jndi address?
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 02:36:05 GMT
OK, you're right.  I opened 

Meanwhile you will have to modify your ra.xml to list all the config  
properties you want to use, and we don't complain if you don't set some.

In geronimo you need to use a plan to deploy a resource adapter  
instance, and that plan specifies the pooling parameters.  You can  
deploy as many MCFs/pools as you want in one plan using the same  
resource adapter.  There is no way to do this from the console at  
this time.

If you are still having trouble figuring out a working plan please  
post what you have and some indication of the problems you are seeing.

many thanks
david jencks

On Sep 19, 2007, at 9:27 PM, Ed Hillmann wrote:

> On 9/20/07, Ed Hillmann <> wrote:
>> Hi all.  I'm in the middle of deploying a JCA adapter into a Geronimo
>> 2.0.1 container.  I've ensured that my adapter meets the spec (which
>> it hadn't before... many thanks to those on this group who helped me
>> with that), and the RAR file has been able to deploy successfully
>> within the container.  When the Geronimo server starts up, I can see
>> the RAR module started.
>> Fantastic.  Now, I want to configure a few connection pools / jndi
>> addresses, so I can execute my existing test cases against the
>> Geronimo server.  And I can find any doco about how to set this up.
>> Other servers have spiffy little areas in their Web console that,  
>> once
>> the RAR module is deployed, I can create the pools via the admin
>> console very easily.  It doesn't appear that the Geronimo Admin
>> Console allows me to do that (or I just don't know the right place to
>> look, which is a completely realistic option).  I can see where, in
>> the Admin Console, you can add Database Pools and JMS Resources, but
>> it's not a really good fit.
>> I tried going through Database Pools.  I can see my RAR in the  
>> "Driver
>> JAR" list, and can select it.  But when I try to test it, it  
>> complains
>> about not providing a Driver Class.  Which I didn't, as I don't  
>> want a
>> driver class.  So, that didn't work for me.
>> And going through the JMS resources didn't make any sense either.  I
>> don't want to set a JMS resource.
>> The online documentation seems pretty sparse on this as well.  If
>> anyone knows of some decent info regarding this, I'd be all ears.
>> Thanks for any help,
>> Ed
> I'm still digging around.  I've found this link
> plan.html
> So, reading this, the deployment plan not only helps deploy the RAR
> module, but also defines the Connections and how they are exposed to
> the application components?  Is this right?  I've been able to deploy
> the RAR module, but I can't see any Resource in the JNDI tree.  And if
> I attempt to configure a connection with Properties that aren't
> mandatory, I get errors like:
>     No ModuleID or TargetModuleID provided.  Attempting to guess based
>     on the content of the plan.
>     Attempting to use ModuleID
>     'com.intecbilling.singleview/svConnector/1.0/rar'
>     Stopped com.intecbilling.singleview/svConnector/1.0/rar
>     Unloaded com.intecbilling.singleview/svConnector/1.0/rar
>     Uninstalled com.intecbilling.singleview/svConnector/1.0/rar
>     Error: Operation failed:
>     org.apache.geronimo.common.DeploymentException: The plan is trying
>     to set attributes: [UserName, Password]
> In this case, my Adapter requires two attributes (machineName and
> port), and these are defined in the ra.xml.  There are other
> properties (among which are UserName and Password) which are not
> mandatory Properties.  They are not defined in the ra.xml, but there
> are getters and setters on the ManagedConnectionFactory implementation
> to manage these properties.  In this case, I don't want these
> properties mandatory, as they could be specified by the user of the
> Connection (provided by a ConnectionSpec implementation).
> When I look at section 17.3.1 of the JCA 1.5 spec, it says that the
> descriptor must provide
> Configurable properties per ManagedConnectionFactory instance: The
> resource adapter provider specifies the name, type, description,  
> and an
> optional default value for the properties that have to be  
> configured on a per
> ManagedConnectionFactory instance.
> So, "properties that have to be configured" to me equates to
> "mandatory properties".  Geronimo seems to imply that any property
> that can be set against a JCA connection pool (and subsequently
> against the ManagedConnectionFactory) must be specified in the
> Deployment Descriptor.  Isn't this a bit overkill?  The spec seems to
> require this for mandatory properties, but Geronimo is enforcing it
> for all properties (mandatory and optional).

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