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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: Problems with Geronimo Logging...
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2007 06:39:47 GMT

On Sep 12, 2007, at 9:11 PM, EJLeVin1 wrote:

> Ok, so first off I want to apologize if this is kind of a newbie  
> question,
> but we are making the migration from Tomcat to Geronimo, and I am  
> having a
> hard time moving some of our application's logging.  We have written a
> custom log4j appender that utilizes both our custom jar, and 3x 3rd  
> party
> jars.  My original intent was to just add these three jars to
> GERONIMO_HOME/lib and then configure the
> GERONIMO_HOME/var/logs/ file to make use of  
> this
> appender with a filter to our namespace; however, this failed with  
> getting a
> class not found error.

Hi Eric,
Good question... I may be proven wrong, but I don't know of a really  
clean way to provide the function you're after... I have some options  
that should get you running. However, would be helpful if you created  
a Jira that suggests we make this easier/cleaner...

FYI, unlike Tomcat, mere presence of a jar in the lib/ directory will  
not cause the jar to be added to the CLASSPATH of a Geronimo server.  
Instead, META-INF/MANIFEST.MF in bin/server.jar is controlling the  

So, one straight-forward, but pretty dirty way of solving your  
problem is to hack the MANIFEST.MF in server.jar.
Slightly better (?) is to set CLASSPATH via environment variable or - 
cp command option. I think this means that you can't use 'java -jar  
server.jar' (which is also used by when starting  
geronimo). So you'd have to do invoke java directly or update to do something like:

java -cp my-custom-logger.jar:bin/server.jar -javaagent:bin/jpa.jar - 

That's totally untested...

You can always load and configure your logger on a per application  
basis, but it sounds like you want this to be server wide... I guess  
you could create a module which contains your custom appender, but  
again that's not server wide...

> I also tried adding these to the repository and it
> didn't seem to work either.  I am not sure whether this is the  
> correct route
> to take (as in digging further into the GBean -- it would seem nice  
> to be
> able to add our appender functionality by loading/unloading a GBean  
> within
> Geronimo), but seemed to be the easiest.  I was wondering if anyone  
> could
> give an example of / knew how to do either of the following methods:
> 1) Adding the 3rd party jars to the j2ee-server module so that the  
> custom
> appender can be resolved when loading log4j

Right. IMO, that's the way you want to solve this, but I don't know  
how. Unless you build the server from source (which is another option).

> 2) Getting a handle on the running log4j instance (I think the  
> beans name is
> "ServerLog"), and being able to add the appender/classes to the
> configuration by means of a GBean.
> Thanks anyone for your help, as I have been looking at this now for  
> quite
> some time, and can't seem to find an answer anywhere.


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