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From Marcin Waldowski <>
Subject Re: Suspicion of mistake in documentation for Geronimo 2.0
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2007 13:15:12 GMT
Viet Nguyen wrote:
>     Caused by:
>     org.apache.geronimo.kernel.repository.MissingDependencyException :
>     Unable to resolve dependency
> This is your main problem. You must have changed the dependency to 
> look something like
> <dep:dependency>
>     <dep:groupId></dep:groupId>    (the change 
> was made here right?)
>     <dep:artifactId>jms-resources</dep:artifactId>
>     <dep:version>1.2</dep:version>
>     <dep:type>rar</dep:type>
> </dep:dependency>
> If you are depending on 
> (which it seems like you are) then there should exist the path 
> <GERONIMO-HOME>/repository/pl/com/max/ppr/pprsrv/jms-resources/1.2//rar.
> If this does not exist and you are depending on it, you'll get this error.

Viet, thanks for your replay. I think, I wasn't clear enought in my 
explanations before...

I'm not depending on 
or any other rar which have something in common with jms-resource 
because I declare jms-resource in geronimo-application.xml (like in 
documentation example). If we declare jms-resource in 
geronimo-application.xml then we don't have any rar and path associated 
with jms-resource - we have only path for ear. So acording to your 
answer this lines shouldn't be included in geronimo-web.xml (they are 
unnecessary). In other case we have an error.

That's why I think that this lines shouldn't exists in documentation for 
'jms-and-mdb-sample-application' example 
they even do not exist in source code for this example.


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