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From "Ted Kirby" <>
Subject Re: Problems with Eclipse Plugin for Geronimo (1.2.0)
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2007 18:13:44 GMT
The 2.0 eclipse plugin is being voted on for release now, and should
be available in a couple of days.  There is a request for vote out now
on the dev list, with a pointer to a file to get it.
)  Another vote will come out shortly with a pointer to an update
site.  Geronimo 1.2.0 is supported by the 2.0 plugin.  You might try
that, as you'd probably get better support for it...
Ted Kirby

On 9/5/07, Michael Krause <> wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm receiving the following error when trying to add Apache Geronimo
> Development Tools as a new remote site in Eclipse.  (Using
> as the update URL.):
> org.apache.geronimo feature (1.2.0) requires plug-in
> "org.eclipse.wst.rdb.models.sql.edit".
> I have been trying in vain to install the geronimo plugin in Eclipse
> 3.3 (Europa).  Even though it appears I have all of the features it
> needs including the data tools platform, web tools platform, wst, etc.
> I've attached a screenshot of the error I am getting.
> In the screen shot, please note that under Geronimo WTP Server
> Adapters, the org.apache.geronimo.feature1.2.0 item is checked.
> Selecting the 1.1.0 version gives me the error as well.  But, if I
> uncheck all but the 1.0.0 feature, the error goes away.
> Also, a friend of mine also has been trying to install this plugin and
> gets something similar, although his error is this:
> org.apache.geronimo.feature (1.2.0) requires plug-in "".
> Can anyone shed some light on this?
> Regards,
> - Mike

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