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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: JBoss SAR replacement
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2007 18:12:13 GMT

On Sep 24, 2007, at 5:34 AM, Jörg Henne wrote:

> Hi all,
> we are currently investigating alternatives to JBoss AS. While  
> Geromino looks really, really promising, I could not quite make out  
> whether Geronimo features an equivalent to JBoss SARs, we  
> absolutely need. In case you are not familiar with SARs, here's the  
> bottom line:
> * SARs are similar to EARs in that they present a self-contained  
> application including descriptors, Code and, possibly libraries.
> * In contrast to EARs, SARs don't deploy enterprise applications  
> (Web Applications, EJBs), but services.
> * Services are quite simply MBeans implementing a service interface  
> that lets the service hook into the container life-cycle (start/ 
> stop) along with a descriptor detailing dependencies etc.
> This sounds a lot like GBeans, however, I don't see how GBeans can  
> be deployed in a self-contained fashion. To make this a bit  
> clearer, here is our use case:
> * Deploy services other than J2EE apps. Think, for example,  
> implementations of classic UNIX services like NFS, TFTP etc.
> * We would like to be able to just drop the service packages  
> somewhere for deployment.
> * They should be self-contained so that they can use their own  
> isolated class loader, in order to overcome possible library  
> version conflicts.
> * Of course we need the life-cycle hooks.
> * Oh, and did I mention: hot (re-) deployment would be great...
> Does Geronimo offer something along those lines?

yes, you guessed right :-).  services would correspond to gbeans and  
sars to geronimo modules.  The largest set of geronimo modules is  
geronimo :-).  Look in configs for lots of examples and feel free to  
ask lots more questions.  There's a dependency-between-modules system  
so you can stop/start/redeploy a module and dependent services will  
at least stop: I don't recall if they automatically restart if you  
redeploy a module.

david jencks

> Thanks
> Joerg Henne
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