I have Geronimo 2.0.1 up and running, and have installed a simple EJB that I want to test with a client.


My understanding is I need to create a geronimo-application-client.xml file and place it in the jar file of my client.  Is that correct?  I’m having trouble determining the precise layout of the geronimo-application-client.xml file, which elements are required and what form they should take. 


So far, this is what I have:










So, my understanding would be that I then add this to the client jar as META-INF/geronimo-application-client.xml, add the jar via the admin console, then use “java -jar client.jar MyConfigName” from <geronimo-home>/bin


Any help fleshing out the xml file would be great.  Confirmation or correction of my understanding after the xml works would be appreciated too.


Thank in advance!


- Colin Freas