I am a developer working on an Eclipse plugin attempting to use WTP to help ppl write Service Based web apps.  Why am I asking a question on the geronimo user group?  Well because I am attempting to use Apache Geronimo as the primary J2EE container. 

My problem is this, I need to be able to deploy libraries (yes I know about the PublishOperation and that I can generate a jar with a big manifest file enumerating all shared libraries) that are only used by one particular web app or dependent web app.  So I have a classpath container, the trouble is that the Apache Geronimo plugin that I have access to does not seem to care about entries in classpath containers, only those that are directly enumerated in a .classpath file (bad form IMHO). 

I have attempted to deploy libs into WebContent/WEB-INF/lib, but on windows WTP ( or some plugin ) keeps the bloody file lock and will not let me update or delete it.  I even attempted to deploy the libs to a separate directory and then told WTP via a <wb-resource/> tag in the WST common component configuration file where to find it.  The lib showed up in the list of WebApp Libraries, but then when deployed to Geronimo it was not recognized.

I have tried this and a few other combinations.  The only one that has worked is if I create a new shared lib entry jar (bad form since not all web apps on the container will want the given set of libraries) or if I enumerate the libraries one by one directly in the .classpath (classpath containers anyone?).

Is there anyway to make the plugin respect the classpath container?  Or at least give me a clue through the bloody EMF wilderness as to where in the plugin the deployment configuration is determined so that I can consider my options (you know like a patch...)?  I am at my wits end, any help would be most appreciated.

James E. Ervin

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