I have came to a solution to that problem (as far as WAS-CE is concerned).

I have registered brand new library lib-test version 2.0.0

In deployment descriptor I have:


I added simple invocation of the Test class and its getVersion() method:


works fine, the result is "2.0.0"!

Now, I have changed the Test.getVersion() to return "2.0.1", and registered as a new 2.0.1 library

1. I have restarted my application, the result was 2.0.0
2. I have stopped and then started application, the result was 2.0.0
3. I have redeployed application, the result was 2.0.0

4. I have restarted the SERVER, the result was 2.0.1

uuu that hurts...

I've checked it once again with the 2.0.2 version, I also had to restart the server to get things work

best regards

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