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From "Viet Nguyen" <>
Subject Re: Problem at geronimo boot
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2007 12:46:26 GMT
On 8/29/07, Paolo Denti <> wrote:
>  Kevan, i tried and following the execution, the problem is in the
> proxyManagerClass.getMethod("createProxy", clzArray);
> the getMethod call fails.
> But looking at the javadoc i see that the signature of the ProxyManager
> createProxy method is
> Object *createProxy*(, Class)
> but we are inovoking proxyManagerClass.getMethod("createProxy", clzArray)
> where clzArray is a Class[] as if the signature were
> Object *createProxy*(, Class[])
> Hi Paolo,

the getMethod() takes 2 parameters: 1) the method name 2) the method
parameter Classes in the form of Class[].

clzArray contains {ObjectName.class,Class.class} as the createProxy()
signature is defined.

I think you are confusing the createProxy() method with the getMethod()
method that is part of java.lang.Class.

*Method getMethod<,%20java.lang.Class%5B%5D%29>
*(String <> name,
Class <>
[] parameterTypes).

I will keep looking into why the getMethod error fails. Is there a stack
trace or error message?


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