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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Librairies/Modules Dependencies
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 14:50:29 GMT

On Aug 30, 2007, at 12:56 AM, moum wrote:

> -------------------- Sorry for reposting but my message is sitll  
> pending
> -----------------
> Hello,
>   I'm trying to configure Geronimo 1.1.1 for my needs since few  
> days and I
> didn't find any solutions in the doc or forum... so here is my  
> problem :
>     - I have a jar (test.jar) containing my domain objects and
> hibernate/spring DAO classes  to access my DB.
>     - I have an EAR app with (at least) a web app using that jar.
> The first deployment I did was :
>   1.  package all my classes and it's dependencies (spring, hibernate,
> commons-collections...) in a single jar file (test.jar)
>   2. add that jar as a commons lib(lib/test/3.2/jar)
>   3. add a dependency to that lib in the geronimo-application.xml  
> of the ear
> app
> This work fine !! Now, I'd like to not have to package all  
> thirdparty libs
> in my test.jar file ! I could add all dependencies in my
> geronimo-application.xml but I would prefer to "specify" (HERE is the
> Problem :o)) that test.jar depends on other libs and that my ear  
> depends on
> lib/test/3.3.0/jar...
> My Tests:
>   -   I tried to add all thirdparty jar as commons lib
> (test/<thirdparty-lib>/<version>/jar) and hope test.jar will find  
> necessary
> lib :o) ... OK this was a little bit optimistic :)
>   - I then put all the thirdparty libs in <geronimo_home>/var/ 
> shared/lib/,
> they are still not seen by test.jar classes
>   - I've replaced third party in geronimo comons libs and tried to  
> create a
> module instead of having a simple common lib jar : I created a
> geronimo-service.xml under test.jar META-INF :
>  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
>  <module xmlns=" 
> deployment-1.1">
>   <environment>
>     <moduleId>
>       <groupId>lib</groupId>
>       <artifactId>test</artifactId>
>       <version>3.3.0</version>
>       <type>jar</type>
>    </moduleId>
>     <dependencies>
>      <dependency>
>         ...
>     </dependency>
>     </dependencies>
> Here is the deployement error
> Deployer operation failed: Cannot deploy the requested application  
> module
> because no deployer is able to handle it.  This can happen if you have
> omitted the J2EE deployment descriptor, disabled a deployer module,  
> or if,
> for example, you are trying to deploy an EJB module on a minimal  
> Geronimo
> server that does not have EJB support installed.
> (moduleFile=D:\Programs\geronimo-1.1.1\var\temp\geronimo- 
> deployer13538.tmpdir\ep-core-3.3.0.jar)

This method is what I'd recommend and it should work.  I don't see  
anything obvious wrong with your plan.  We don't have any "service  
jars" with embedded plans in the geronimo build and it's possible  
that feature doesn't work properly in 1.1.1.  You might try putting  
the plain test jar in the repo and deploying the plan separately: you  
might need to do this from the admin console.

If I were investigating this I would debug the service-builder gbean  
to find out why it isn't recognizing the plan as something it needs  
to deploy.

Would it be possible for you to switch to 2.0.1?  If you discover  
problems we are more likely to fix them quickly.

david jencks

>   I also tried to define my jar as an app but it doesn't work well
> neither... I don't know what to declare to be honest ...
> In short, my question is :
>    How can I define a "module"/"lib" or any java app in geronimo that
> depends on commons libs and then use that "module" in an ear file... ?
> Thanks in advance for your help
> Regards
> Moum
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