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From "Jason Warner" <>
Subject Re: Using XDoclet to generate openejb-jar.xml
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2007 13:55:06 GMT
Hi Jon,

I'm glad that you found the j2g migration tool helpful.  In regards to your
question, one of the contributors are currently eyeballs deep working on a
Administration Console Wizard for generating deployment plans.  The current
status of this work can be found in the jira geronimo-3254[1].  I read
through it briefly but didn't see any explicit mention of the
openejb-jar.xml.  Perhaps you and Shiva could coordinate to incorporate your
work in the Wizard?


Hopefully this is the kind of response you were looking for.


Jason Warner

On 8/14/07, Jonathan Gallimore <> wrote:
>  Hi All,
> Apologies if this has been asked before, but I was wondering whether
> anyone uses XDoclet to generate their openejb-jar.xml deployment
> descriptors?
> Currently we're developing for JBoss 4, and are part way through getting
> our app to deploy on the community edition of Websphere. The J2G migration
> tool has done an excellent job of migrating our deployment descriptors, but
> going forward I'd still like to add all the necessary XML stuff for new EJBs
> using XDoclet rather than hand editing the openejb-jar.xml. Having hunted
> around it looks like the openejb task that comes with XDoclet is for a much
> older version, and only handles session beans.
> I've started work on an xdoclet plugin that generates a basic
> openejb-jar.xml for me, and I was just wondering whether I had missed an
> existing tool/plugin and was just duplicating work (obviously if I haven't
> and this is a useful piece of work, I'd be happy to continue and share it).
> I'd appreciate any thoughts anyone has.
> Regards,
> Jon

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