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From Jonathan Gallimore <>
Subject Re: Using XDoclet to generate openejb-jar.xml
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 13:01:11 GMT
Hi Shiva,

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of those discussions, I hadn't 
seen them on previous searches. The work I've currently done is an 
XDoclet plugin, and therefore is using XDoclet style annotations at the 

I haven't personally done much with EJB3, and hence haven't really had 
much need to use the new JSR-175 annotations, but I certainly think its 
right to consider providing a solution using those as well. I'm quite 
happy to work on something to use JSR-175 annotations too - I'm not sure 
how much overlap it'll have with what I've already done, but I think it 
might have some overlap with the work you've already done with the plan 
generation wizard.

Currently I only have one Geronimo specific annotation in my XDoclet 
plugin, and I'll need a few more, but largely I've used the standard EJB 
annotations. Presumably the same would apply using JSR-175 annotations, 
but providing Geronimo specific annotations might mean that apps might 
break on other app servers (or could developers get away with including 
a small jar file with the Geronimo annotations in their ear files)?

One other thing - I've logged this as a JIRA issue - is this necessary / 
should it be assigned to me, or anything like that?



Shiva Kumar H R wrote:
> Welcome Jon :-)
> This is very much needed.
> Following discussions will tell you about some of the similar work 
> happening around:
> * 
> <>
> *
> *
> One concern as mentioned in 
> <> is 
> whether such annotations should be based on XDoclet or JSR-175? With 
> EJB 3.0 having JSR-175 annotations, it might be more intuitive for 
> developers to have OpenEJB/Geronimo specific annotations also to be 
> based on JSR-175. Request you to give a thought on these.
> Comments welcome.
> - Shiva
> On 8/15/07, *Jonathan Gallimore* < 
> <>> wrote:
>     Jason, Bill, Mark,
>     Many thanks for your responses. I'm currently doing a build of the
>     latest code, and will have a look the deployment generator
>     interface today. At first glance I don't really think its quite
>     what I'm after, I'm really hoping for something that can generate
>     these files for me during my build process without any
>     intervention. If possible I'd also quite like to be able the same
>     app on both JBoss and Geronimo and generate all the deployment
>     descriptors for both at build time.
>     It sounds from your reply, Mark, that what I've done on my XDoclet
>     plugin might be quite helpful. I'm quite happy to develop it
>     further if people find it useful. Presumably its ok if add this to
>     JIRA and assign it to myself and continue working on it?
>     Regards,
>     Jon
>     Mark Aufdencamp wrote:
>>     Jonathan,
>>     I have run into this issue as well.  Please see my posts from the
>>     Spring.   My research revealed that the OpenEJB XDoclet implementation
>>     was indeed for version 1.0 of OpenEJB.  I did not find a release for
>>     version 2.0 of OpenEJB.
>>     Not having the openejb-jar.xml mappings generated from the source did
>>     make managing my Entity Beans a little harrier.  I was able to generate
>>     the ejb-jar.xml from the XDoclet annotations, but had to hand develop
>>     the openejb-jar.xml from scratch.  It worked, but I'd love to be able to
>>     plug-in an XDoclet module and have the base openejb-jar.xml generated. 
>>     It whould serve as an initial source for a deployment tool utilized by a
>>     Server Administrator.  That enables clear seperation of developer and
>>     administrator duties, while offering codebase stability and deployment
>>     flexibility.
>>     Mark Aufdencamp
>> <>
>>>     -------- Original Message --------
>>>     Subject: Using XDoclet to generate openejb-jar.xml
>>>     From: Jonathan Gallimore 
>>>     <> <>
>>>     Date: Tue, August 14, 2007 7:28 am
>>>     To: <>
>>>     Hi All,
>>>     Apologies if this has been asked before, but I was wondering whether 
>>>     anyone uses XDoclet to generate their openejb-jar.xml deployment 
>>>     descriptors?
>>>     Currently we're developing for JBoss 4, and are part way through getting

>>>     our app to deploy on the community edition of Websphere. The J2G 
>>>     migration tool has done an excellent job of migrating our deployment 
>>>     descriptors, but going forward I'd still like to add all the necessary 
>>>     XML stuff for new EJBs using XDoclet rather than hand editing the 
>>>     openejb-jar.xml. Having hunted around it looks like the openejb task 
>>>     that comes with XDoclet is for a much older version, and only handles 
>>>     session beans.
>>>     I've started work on an xdoclet plugin that generates a basic 
>>>     openejb-jar.xml for me, and I was just wondering whether I had missed an

>>>     existing tool/plugin and was just duplicating work (obviously if I 
>>>     haven't and this is a useful piece of work, I'd be happy to continue and

>>>     share it).
>>>     I'd appreciate any thoughts anyone has.
>>>     Regards,
>>>     Jon
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