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From Tomasz Mazan <>
Subject Re: Is there any reason to use @Remote for session bean...
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2007 20:40:02 GMT
David Blevins pisze:
>>>> and try to get remote SB with method
>>>>    this.ctx.lookup("EJBtest-1.0.jar/CustomerFacade");
>>>> and get instance of.... org.apache.openejb.client.JNDIContext.. 
>>>> where is my session bean?!
>>> I think you need to append the name of the interface you are trying 
>>> to get.  You could list the context to find out exactly what is 
>>> bound there.
>> CustomerFacade is the name of my interface that i try to get and when 
>> i try to list the context using JNDIContext.list method - method 
>> throws exception javax.namin.OperationNotSupportedException: TODO: 
>> Needs to be implemented
> Opened a JIRA for this (OPENEJB-668).  It does work however on 
> anything running in the server-side if they construct an initial 
> context using org.apache.openejb.client.LocalInitialContextFactory as 
> the JNDI inital context factory provider.  You could do this in a 
> servlet or ejb maybe.  But before we go there, it sounds like 
> CustomerFacade is the name of your bean implementation.  That's the 
> only way I can think that you would find a context there.
> Can you paste the bean class name and the remote interface name?
Class name : CustomerFacadeImpl (annotated with @Stateless)
Interface name : CustomerFacade (annotated with @Remote)
>>>> There is CustomerFacade in JNDIViewer tree - Geronimo Console, but....
>>>> 2) Although I set key log4j.logger.OpenEJB.startup to value INFO, 
>>>> there's no jndi messages on console
> Hmm. Did you get any additional output at all?  Figuring out how to 
> get those log messages is definitely our best bet.  Maybe try just 
> "log4j.logger.OpenEJB=INFO".  Also check that a similar line isn't 
> already there for any "OpenEJB" log cagetories.
There's no more messages than this about deploy of MEJBGBean (warning). 
There's no jndi messages still there.

Tomasz Mazan

PS. Tommorow I'll try to list context with servlet or web service.

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