Hi  Lukasz,
I don't know exactly your situation, please check the following conditions:   

- you deployed a EJB 3.0 application in an xxx-ejb.jar

- you configured an openejb-jar.xml deployment plan where you set an artifactId for your app, let's say "MyApp"

- you have a session bean you want connect to, let's say "MySessionBean"

- you have build a remote interface for your session bean (EJB 3.0 means a simple interface), let's say "MySessionRemote"

then the following is the right jndi name to get a connection to your bean


You have to use the fully qualified class name for the Interface!

I tried to define a jndi name for the session bean inside the deployment plan, but this doesn't work (deployment is ok but lookup fails).



Von: Xh [mailto:xhsaymyname@yahoo.co.uk]
Gesendet: Montag, 16. Juli 2007 11:23
An: User Geronimo
Betreff: G1.1 to G2.0-M6 migration: JNDI problems

Hi All,

I'm making some progress while moving my app to G2.0-M6.
I have some questions about JNDI.

first I've noticed that when connecting to remote EJB (for tests I use
I don't have to provide principals and credentials, when I provide system/manager I get "AuthenticationException: This principal is not authorized"

to successfully connect to 4201 port I need to comment out java.naming.security properties:

Properties p = new Properties();
p.put("java.naming.factory.initial", "org.openejb.client.RemoteInitialContextFactory");
p.put("java.naming.provider.url", "");
//p.put("java.naming.security.principal", "system");
//p.put("java.naming.security.credentials", "manager");
// now I can connect
Context c = new InitialContext(p);

quick question: how to turn security back?

i'm using EJB 2.x (G1.1) and I'm trying to connect to EJB through the "remote" JNDI but I get:

"java.lang.RuntimeException: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: /ejb/ModuleFactory does not exist in the system.  Check that the app was successfully deployed."

yes, my EAR app is successfully deployed in G2.0, no errors were reported during deployment...

it all worked on G1.1...

maybe it's because I didn't provide any principals and credentials?

any ideas?

best regards

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