jtaDataSourceWrapper doesn't use jndi to find the datasource: you need to give it something related to the gbean name of the datasource wrapper.  If you just supply the name of the datasource, here "green", and make sure the datasource deployment is an ancestor of the ear (or use external-modules to deploy it with the ear) it should work.  if you have lots of green datasources you can provide more components of the gbean name such as 

My experience with openjpa and derby is that it doesn't work unless you also supply a nonJtaDataSourceWrapper.

daytrader jpa is now working so you might want to compare that setup if you have further problems.

You might want to avoid pasting xml into nabble unless you can figure out a way to escape it.

david jencks

On Jul 13, 2007, at 2:21 PM, Adam OGorman wrote:

Hello everyone, I am actually using a version of WASCE2.0 (with embedded derby) that is based on Geronimo 2.0 M4. I am trying to deploy an EAR (that contains a WAR and a JAR, the JAR speaks to the datasource). The deployment error that I keep hitting is the following: Error: Unable to distribute lunchinator.ear: Unable to resolve reference "JtaDataSourceWrapper" in gbean default/lunchinator/1.0/car?EJBModule=lunchinatorDomain.jar,J2EEApplication=default/lunchinator/1.0/car,PersistenceUnitModule=lunchinatorDomain.jar,j2eeType=PersistenceUnit,name=maketechnologies-com-lunchinator to a gbean matching the pattern [?name=java:comp/env/jdbc/dgreen#org.apache.geronimo.connector.outbound.ConnectionFactorySource] due to: No matches for referencePatterns: [?name=java:comp/env/jdbc/dgreen#org.apache.geronimo.connector.outbound.ConnectionFactorySource] Has anyone seen this before? I have searched extensively and there are only 3 references anywhere to JtaDataSourceWrapper! I have a global database pool called "dgreen", and this is referenced in the geronimo deployment descriptors, I'm pretty sure that part is correct, if I change the binding to "dgreen" in anyway I get the error that it cannot resolve the resource reference "jdbc/dgreen" Any insight or tips would be really appreciated, my deployment descriptors are as follows: application.xml: lunchinator lunchinatorWeb.war lunchinatorWeb lunchinatorDomain.jar tranql-connector-ra-1.3.rar geronimo-application.xml: default lunchinator 1.0 car console.dbpool dgreen 1.0 rar tranql-connector-ra-1.3.rar deployment/data-source-plan.xml persistence.xml: ... geronimo-web.xml: default lunchinatorWeb 1.0 car /lunchinatorWeb "dgreen" dbpool plan: console.dbpool dgreen 1.0 rar org.apache.derby derby jar javax.sql.DataSource dgreen 10 0

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