Hi All!

Lately I was in a mood of embedding all resource like JDBC pool and security realms.

It was quite easy to create application-wide JDBC Security Realm, I only copied web-generated <gbean> into geronimo-application.xml

Now I have successfully created application-wide JDBC pool.

It works fine, I'm 100% satisfied with the results.

But when I turned on the security constraints I've encountered a problem in JDBC Security Realm.
It defines:

<log:option name="dataSourceName">DataWeaverDispatcherDerby2</log:option>

(I have global, server-wide DataWeaverDispatcherDerby pool and my new embedded DataWeaverDispatcherDerby2 pool)

Application deploys without any errors, but when signing in, JAAS logs:
07/27/2007 11:58:26 - Authentication attempt - xh
07/27/2007 11:58:26 - Authentication failed - xh

I assume it's because there is a problem with DataWeaverDispatcherDerby2 application-wide pool.

Has anyone succeeded in deploying both embedded JDBC and Security Realm?

I'm using WAS-CE 1.1.

thanks in advance
best regards

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