Hello everyone, I am actually using a version of WASCE2.0 (with embedded derby) that is based on Geronimo 2.0 M4. I am trying to deploy an EAR (that contains a WAR and a JAR, the JAR speaks to the datasource). The deployment error that I keep hitting is the following: Error: Unable to distribute lunchinator.ear: Unable to resolve reference "JtaDataSourceWrapper" in gbean default/lunchinator/1.0/car?EJBModule=lunchinatorDomain.jar,J2EEApplication=default/lunchinator/1.0/car,PersistenceUnitModule=lunchinatorDomain.jar,j2eeType=PersistenceUnit,name=maketechnologies-com-lunchinator to a gbean matching the pattern [?name=java:comp/env/jdbc/dgreen#org.apache.geronimo.connector.outbound.ConnectionFactorySource] due to: No matches for referencePatterns: [?name=java:comp/env/jdbc/dgreen#org.apache.geronimo.connector.outbound.ConnectionFactorySource] Has anyone seen this before? I have searched extensively and there are only 3 references anywhere to JtaDataSourceWrapper! I have a global database pool called "dgreen", and this is referenced in the geronimo deployment descriptors, I'm pretty sure that part is correct, if I change the binding to "dgreen" in anyway I get the error that it cannot resolve the resource reference "jdbc/dgreen" Any insight or tips would be really appreciated, my deployment descriptors are as follows: application.xml: lunchinator lunchinatorWeb.war lunchinatorWeb lunchinatorDomain.jar tranql-connector-ra-1.3.rar geronimo-application.xml: default lunchinator 1.0 car console.dbpool dgreen 1.0 rar tranql-connector-ra-1.3.rar deployment/data-source-plan.xml persistence.xml: ... geronimo-web.xml: default lunchinatorWeb 1.0 car /lunchinatorWeb "dgreen" dbpool plan: console.dbpool dgreen 1.0 rar org.apache.derby derby jar javax.sql.DataSource dgreen 10 0

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