I may not have been sufficiently clear the first time...
In your geronimo plan for your database pool, replace


(the dependency on the derby jar)


(the dependency on system database car)
and keep using your database pool, do not change to system-database.

david jencks

On Jul 15, 2007, at 4:05 PM, Xh wrote:


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I think you need to change the dependency from the derby jar to system-database


I have no idea why your app worked in G 1.1 :-), the DelegatingDriver wasn't there but I thought the same kind of problem still occurred.

Let us know if this doesn't fix the problem

I didn't say I use SystemDatabase and its SystemDatasource pool ;)

I have created my own database (dataweaver) and created pool to this database.

So in my G2.0M-6 I have two following embedded Derby databases:

1. SystemDatabase with its org.apache.geronimo.configs/system-database pool
2. dataweaver with its console.dbpool/DataWeaverWARDerby one

the funniest thing is, that SystemDatabase getConnection() does not throw any exceptions,
dataweaver getConnection() throws...

maybe something else is wrong?

best regards

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