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From "Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva" <>
Subject Server state issues
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2007 05:57:45 GMT

I am relatively new to Apache Geronimo. I am implementing a software
engineering lab project at the university and chose Geronimo as an
application server. I have downloaded and installed the Geronimo Plugin for
Eclipse 1.2.0 through update manager. I am running Geronimo 1.1.1 on a
i386-debian-4.0r0 and Eclipse SDK 3.2.2 with WST 1.5.4 (from update manager)
on an amd64 with Ubuntu 7.04 (eclipse installed from repositories) and Sun
Java 5 JVM (also from repositories).

There are two issues I've been facing, which are:

1. The local server won't start from inside the IDE. It actually starts but
remains in "Starting..." state after a successful startup. After several
minutes, Eclipse returns a fail message. I have seen some issues alike
reported on this list, but the possible solution (install 1.2.1 plugin)
didn't work. I downloaded the daily 1.2.1 driver from devtools site but
unzipping it to the plugins/features directories was effectless (there was
no "Geronimo" runtime available). The worst thing is that this bug seemed to
have been resolved on 1.2.0 as I could read from its release notes. Another
fact is that starting a local server worked at a faculty machine running
Windows 2k.

2. The server state won't reflect the real server state when one geronimo
instance is started from outside the IDE (as I could read on IBM
developerWorks papers, it should). I have tried with remote and local
instances of geronimo. Therefore I couldn't deploy applications through
eclipse, as the servers were in "Stopped" state and Eclipse tried to start
them, thereafter failing as they were already started from outside. This
wouldn't work in windows 2k as well.

I would appreciate if someone could help me, as this environment setup
issues are delaying our project.

My best regards,

Rodrigo R. Silva
University of São Paulo

Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva
Engenharia de Computação - Coop8
Grêmio Politécnico - Gestão Colabora

"Não importa como morre o home, importa como vive." Carijó, velho do rio.

"To the person with only a hammer, everything looks like a nail." bussdriver

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