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From Xh <>
Subject application wide db pool
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2007 09:03:15 GMT
Hi All,

I'm trying to create application wide pool, I did all the necessary modifications in:
application.xml and geronimo-application.xml files.

for example in geronimo-application.xml I wrote:

But now I have a question how to map deployed pool to JNDI resource-ref?

In my DataWeaverDispatcherDerby.xml db pool deployment plan I have:


but the resource "dataweaver.dbpool" is unknown during deployment, and below fragment of geronimo-web.xml
throws an exception:


the exception is:


// toggle the display state of an element
function Pluto_apps_all_row1_col1_p1_toggleDisplay(id) {
  var element = document.getElementById("Pluto_apps_all_row1_col1_p1_"+id);
  if ( == 'inline') {'none';
  } else {'inline';


     Deployment failed:
to resolve resource reference 'jdbc/DataWeaverDS' (Could not find the
resource specified in your Geronimo deployment plan:

How to define an application-scope db pool and bind it to JNDI name jdbc/XYZ?

second question, I have application-scope Realm, that use server-wide db pool, how to configure
it to work with my application-scope pool?

<g-bean> fragment of geronimo-application.xml:

<log:login-module control-flag="REQUIRED"
                    server-side="true" wrap-principals="false">
                    <log:option name="userSelect">
                        SELECT username, passwd FROM dw_users WHERE
                        username = ?
                    <log:option name="dataSourceApplication">
                    <log:option name="groupSelect">
                        SELECT u.username, r.role FROM dw_users u,
                        dw_roles r, dw_users_roles_assoc ur WHERE
                        ur.idUser = u.idUser AND ur.idRole = r.idRole
                        AND u.username = ?

I use the artifactId, It worked with server-wide pool,
right now my deployment fails much earlier, I'm not reaching this point at the moment ;( 

                    <log:option name="dataSourceName">

thanks in advance
best regards

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